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What Up Baii….. STREET TEAM



We are looking for hardworking ambitious volunteers to participate in promotional campaigns.

We are looking for REAL Hip Hop heads around the world to promote and represent What Up Baii Entertainment in their area.

As an street team member you will get access other fans don’t get. So if your looking to gain marketing experience  or just to be involved in the growth of What Up Baii Entertainment. Then this is the Street Team you should join.

Street Team job description:

  • Posting flyers
  • Passing out promotional items cd’s, stickers ….etc
  • Requesting songs on the radio
  • Taking photographs (Digital camera required)

(Just to name a few)

Please Note: This is not a paid position but it is a great opportunity to promote Real Hip Hop music and earn tons of free stuff including entry to all events.

(There is an opportunity to make money)


Send a message to

Please include name, age, your location and why you feel you will be a great asset to OUR TEAM.

Now spread the word……..What up Baii!!!!!!!!!


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